Survivor in Caramoan






A secret paradise…that is Caramoand Island!!!

Caramoan is definitely an ‘islands adventure’ a new meaning with its dozens of islands strings and rock formations suited for island hopping and swimming.

You have to visit one of the most beautiful Island in the World, the famous Caramoan Island is one of the Philippines’ hidden paradises.  Enjoy nature’s blessings of magnificent white beaches, overwhelming rock and land formation, ancient caves, and breathtaking scuba diving spots. It’s worth visiting for everyone and should be on top destination that a traveler must experience.

The Caramoan is the best place to relax and and see how mother nature can truly unwind all your worries and stress, relax your mind, renew your strength, and invigorates your life!!! Reward yourself with an unforgettable experience. Fall in love with nature at its finest. The Caramoan Islands is truly one the Earth’s natural treasures.

Being Isolated from the rest of Bicol Region is maintaining its real unblemished paradise far from the crowded commercialized type of tourism.

Places to be visited may includes Matukad island, Lajos island, Tinago clave, Tayak Lagoon, Minalgos island/cave,Our Lady of Peace-Tabgon, Sabitang laya, Bageing, Cotivas island, Lahuy island clusters of beaches, Bulangbugang underground fresh water cave and others. The said places can be optimized subject to the time of arrival, sea tide,levels, weather conditions, and customers preferences.

Why Caramoan is famous?

Caramoan is famous as being the island set for Survivor Edition from many countries around Europe and Asia. We are very proud being Filipino blessed by God’s wonder of nature…

How to get there:

By Air:
Direct flights from Manila to Naga Airport via Airphilexpress and Cebu Pacific

By Land:

There are many bus company offering a comfortable ride. One of it is the Penafrancia Bus Company. The journey take an 8-hour bus ride from Araneta-Cubao Bus Terminal or Pasay Bus Terminal to Naga City. Upon arrival in Naga City take an Aircon Van to Sabang Port. Once you are in Sabang port, take the Boat that goes to Caramoan Guijalo Port. Your travel company will welcome you to the Guijalo Port.

>>>Travel to Caramoan Island will take you to experience three types of adventures, If you travel through plane you will experience to FLY, then upon arrival to Naga City you will enjoy the majestic scenery of Land and finally riding in a boat takes your adrenaline for an hour of sailing along the pacific coast!

Top 3 Things to do in Caramoan:

1. Island Hoping – Visit the islands of Matukad, Lahus Hunongan and Gota Beach. The main thing for me, really, is the beach. We spend most of our time just swimming and enjoying the green scenery.

2. Explore the town and see hundreds of birds playing or Just simply enjoy the lush green surrounding, the river, Caramoan town hall, souvenir shops. market etc… a whole new different thing to do.

3. Camping along the pristine white beaches.

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