Boracay – An Awesome Paradise


Boracay Island – Truly Amazing!

When the urge for a perfect getaway from the stress of urban living unexpectedly kicks in – choosing Boracay Island as your destination doesn’t need a second thought. It has been name by the International Magazine Travel + Leisure as the world’s best island destination for 2012. There enough, when I finally set foot as this island 21st of July – its powdery white sand beaches amazingly describe Boracay Island a paradise at its best!
The name Boracay is attributed to different origins. One of those stories says that it is derived from the local word “borac” which means white cotton with characteristics close to the color and texture of Boracay’s white sugary and powdery sand.

Though the weather wasn’t good as we expected when we off to Boracay, my excitement to get there was unmeasurable. We were bit tired as we traveled by plane from Manila then opted to ride a van which led us to the jetty port in Caticlan where we rode a boat to get off to the island and finally a tricycle off to Boracay Terraces Resort in Station 1. Upon arrival our tiredness suddenly disappeared. I myself stopped in absolute awe – seing how our creator made this island perfect and how He blessed it with that magnificent gift of nature. Its beauty can be fully appreciated.
If you’re a peace-seeker and would like to experience a renewal of mental and spiritual stillness as well as an overall enjoyment for some recreational activities – Boracay Terraces Resort at Station 1 is an excellent choice. This is where we stayed for two nights and three days – a very nice and comfortable hotel with its complete facilities and amenities that are worth praising for. A paradise at the northernmost end ot Boracay’s famous white sand. Hotels’ very hospitable receptionist named Jonah and the rest of the hotel staffs greeted us with their warmth welcome. It offers exciting activities such as scuba diving, snorkeling, island hopping and banana boat rides…oppss not to be missed out for the kite boarding enthusiast.

I was being mesmerized by the environmental richness of Boracay Island. A breath-taking picturesque of the island awaits you in the wee hours in the morning as the room we were located in is quite perfect to look at. The rushing sound of waves or sometimes just a serene vibe of the clear sea is simply stunning. The white sugary and powdery sand of the island totally irresistible to touch. The powerful and fine placement of the rock formation, the luscious greenness of swaying coconut trees can fully please one’s longing for nature and paradise in one place.

Another stunning feature of the island is the food. How could we forget its delectable local dishes, one of which is named “Bulasing” (a combination of bulalo and sinigang) courtesy of KOLAI MANGYANS restaurant along the main road of Station 1. Truly, I could say it’s one of the superb menus worth looking for in the island at its very affordable price! Thumbs up! The owner of this restaurant having done this one of a kind recipe that delighted our tummy.

Ofcourse, we did not leave the island without our souvenir items – those very common key chains made from shells with a bit powdery sand decorations, colorful and white tees with its creative designs and other hand-made souvenir boosting tourism in Boracay Island.

Our trip was absolutely unforgettable, we had a great time and we made our fondest memories herewith exquisiteness of nature that we would cherish for a lifetime. Well, in fact we’re looking forward to be back again at the world’s best paradise island – Boracay.

Only Boracay Island in the Philippines could offer you a genuinely fine and refreshing vacation experience. Captivating creation of God – It’s definitely worth the visit.


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